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The language of tie is spoken by the color chosen. Fashion experts speak of “color psychology”, meaning the effects colors have on our mood, feelings, and behavior. Red ties for instance are attention grabbing and are, for a good reason, often referred to as Power Ties. Navy ties and blue neckties on the other hand, are more conservative and timeless – making a perfect elegant accessory for any season and occasion. Pink and light green neckties, along with other pastels give a warm and friendly impression and are preferred choices on sunny days. Most formal are black ties, silver ties, and white neckties – with solid color ties and subtle patterns being more formal than bold prints and designs. Choose your favorite tie color below.

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Which tie colors are currently most popular? Which colors fit the occasion?
How to combine the suit with tie and shirt?

Red Ties - Necktie in shades of red

In the last few years, thanks to the general trend towards more color in men’s fashion, the red tie has gained great popularity. Anyone who... [read on »]

Rose, Pink & Orange Colored Ties

Ties with a high proportion of rose, pink, and orange have for some years now been desired in spring and summer and ... [read on »]

Burgundy and brown ties

The burgundy tie is one of the most versatile colored ties. In principle it fits every occasion: the dark gray or navy… [read on »]

Red ties with blue

Since plain blue and red are popular color choices for ties, a combination of both is also very popular. Ties with red... [read on »]

Light blue ties

Blue is one of the standard colors for ties, especially those with a blue background color. For warm summer days, brighter ... [read on »]

Dark blue ties – The navy blue necktie

Dark blue makes a good impression and harmonizes with all other colors found in the wardrobe of the classic gentleman... [read on »]

Yellow and green ties

Presently, yellow and green ties experience a Renaissance thanks to the general trend of moving to brighter colors, especially sage green silk ties are very fashionable during the summer months…[read on »]

The black tie, white tie, and the silver tie

The silver-gray tie is considered the „Queen of Ties“ as it is a wonderful match with a white shirt and is suitable ... [read on »]
white ties »

Multicolor silk ties

Multicolored ties for the gentleman who dares to be bold and enjoys color. … [read on »]