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Which tie colors are currently most popular? Which colors fit the occasion?
How to combine the suit with tie and shirt?

Red Ties - Necktie in shades of red

In the last few years, thanks to the general trend towards more color in men’s fashion, the red tie has gained great popularity. Anyone who... [read on »]

Rose, Pink & Orange Colored Ties

Ties with a high proportion of rose, pink, and orange have for some years now been desired in spring and summer and ... [read on »]

Burgundy and brown ties

The burgundy tie is one of the most versatile colored ties. In principle it fits every occasion: the dark gray or navy… [read on »]

Red ties with blue

Since plain blue and red are popular color choices for ties, a combination of both is also very popular. Ties with red... [read on »]

Light blue ties

Blue is one of the standard colors for ties, especially those with a blue background color. For warm summer days, brighter ... [read on »]

Dark blue ties – The navy blue necktie

Dark blue makes a good impression and harmonizes with all other colors found in the wardrobe of the classic gentleman... [read on »]

Yellow and green ties

Presently, yellow and green ties experience a Renaissance thanks to the general trend of moving to brighter colors, especially sage green silk ties are very fashionable during the summer months…[read on »]

The black tie, white tie, and the silver tie

The silver-gray tie is considered the „Queen of Ties“ as it is a wonderful match with a white shirt and is suitable ... [read on »]
white ties »

Multicolor silk ties

Multicolored ties for the gentleman who dares to be bold and enjoys color. … [read on »]