Cufflinks are the perfect accessory for suit and tie. Find your favorite pair of cufflinks below, and add more style to your look.

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How to Wear and How to Match Cufflinks

Cufflinks are worn with so-called French cuffed or double cuffed dress shirts. Cufflinks are used instead of buttons to close the cuffs on a dress shirt. While novelty or big picture neckties have a tacky and unprofessional reputation, novelty cufflinks are classy, elegant, and a perfect way to add a more personal signature to your outfit.

Pairing Cufflinks

Cufflinks look excellent when paired with color matching tie bars. We suggest pairing this fashionable combination of cufflinks and tie bar with a slim fitting modern cut suit, French cuffed dress shirt that has a slightly shallower collar cut, and solid color skinny necktie.