Striped Ties: Narrow Stripe Ties, Wide Striped Ties, Regimental Ties, and Trendy Striped Neckties

We at carry a huge assortment of striped ties. Our current tie collection contains more than 2,000 stripes ties that are sorted into four categories: Ties with narrow & thin stripes, ties with wider diagonal stripes, classic Regimental and British striped neckties, as well as striped ties with trendy and modern designs. Click on your favorite striped tie collection below.

Dress Code for striped ties

Striped neck ties have made a comeback in today’s fashion world. They have become extremely popular whether they are the traditional regimental tie, a club tie or a tie with modern and colorful stripes. In the summer pastel colors as well as fresh, bright colors are in great demand. Even though today’s fashion allows for brightly striped combinations, we still recommend classical diagonal striped ties for conservative business attire. Even – navy blazers, sport jackets and casual cotton or corduroy blazers make a fashionable combination with the striped tie.

The Origin of striped neck ties

Diagonal striped ties are considered the most traditional and a classic ties. The design originated in the 19th century in Great Britain, where sport associations and country clubs added club colors. They were first displayed on the association’s flag, later then also on caps, jackets and ties, just like the red - green - white „Free Foresters Cricket Club“. The colors of regiments served as a base for regimental ties such as the red - blue combination of the „Brigade of Guards“. Club ties and regimental ties have been very popular ever since.

The history of striped neck ties

After the First World War, diagonal striped ties gained great popularity in Great Britain and the USA, as the former soldiers wanted to show proudly that they had fought bravely. While it was considered very inappropriate in Great Britain to wear colors, or regimentals, one was not entitled to; the Americans selected their ties without such restrictions. Even in continental Europe the diagonal striped ties were purchased purely based on taste, whether it was considered to be a British club color or not. Thus, with such rapidly increasing popularity, silk weavers provided more and more new color combinations aside from the traditional regimental ties.

Matching Tips for Striped Ties

Striped ties can be matches with a wide range of shirts and suits. Striped ties can even be paired with a striped shirt as long as the width of the stripes are on contrast to one another. Striped ties are especially popular for business dress but even a preppy East Coast look is well compliemented with a wide striped tie or a classic collegiate striped necktie. For more information you may also want to read our 10 rules for Matching Shirts & Ties

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