Men’s Bow Ties

While bow ties are certainly the choice neckwear for formal black tie events, they are no longer only reserved for formal evening attire. In fact, bow ties are a perfect casual accessory that can be paired with cardigans, sport coats, vest, blazers, and V-neck sweaters. They are fun accessories that will add sophisticated style to any outfit

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Quick Bow Tie Matching Tips

All our bow ties above are pre-tied for easy wear. The bow ties are worn around the neck and are adjustable to fit any neck size. The bow tie is attached with a hidden metal clip that is sown into the back of the bow – it looks just like a self tied freestyle bow tie.

When matching a bow tie the most important thing to consider is the dress code. When dressing for a black tie function then the only acceptable bow tie color is solid black or dark midnight blue. For black tie functions we suggest you look at our solid bow tie category. Recommended accessories for bow ties are pocket squares as well as cufflinks.

Pre-tied or Self-tied Bow Ties

We at carry both: pre-tied bow ties as well as self-tied bow ties. If you are a tie aficionado and value tradition over practicality then the self-tied bow tie will be your best choice. As the name suggests, these bow ties will require you to learn How to Tie a Bow Tie and should you not be familiar with the bow tie knot, then we suggest you view our tutorial on How to Tie a Tie