Tie Bars & Other Necktie Accessories

Looking for new ways to accessorize your tie? Then a tie bar will be perfect. Below is our current collection of tie bars starting at only $14.90.

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Why Tie Bars?

The purpose of the tie bar is to keep you necktie in place while at the same time adding an elegant design detail to your ensemble. Especially slimmer skinny ties are best paired with a tie bar since these ties tend to dangle a bit more than wider, more traditional neckties.

The Different Tie Accessories

Most designers, fashion magazines, and tie aficionados simply call them “tie bars”, but there are in fact different styles available. The real “tie bar” simply slides over the tie and between two shirt buttons. Tie bars have a lower profile and their sleek and simple design makes them a perfect choice for the modern man. Then there are tie clips that, as the name suggests, clip the tie and the shirt together using a metal spring. Other, slightly less common tie accessories that look a bit different than tie bars and tie clips (but serve the same purpose) are tie pins (also known as tie needles), and tie chains. Tie pins poke through the tie and the shirt. They are less common, less fashionable, and can also damage the fine silk fabric of the tie. A tie chain attaches to the loop at the back of the tie. It holds the tie in place using its weight. We at Ties-Necktie.com only carry Tie Bars and Tie Clips. Our current collection of tie bars and clips is displayed above.

Dress Guide for Tie Bars

Tie bars look best with narrow European cut ties (ties narrower than 3.25 inches) and skinny ties (ties narrower than 2.5”). Especially solid color skinny ties in black, silver, charcoal, and dark navy look best when complimented with a sleek and elegant tie bar. When deciding on a tie bar color and design we suggest keeping it simple and elegant. Match the color to other hardware on your outfit such as cufflinks, your belt buckle, hardware on your briefcase, and your wristwatch.