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FIH tie knot: Instruction on how to tie a Four In Hand necktie knot.

There is a large variety of tie knots, but actually most men will get by with three basic knots. The easiest and most important is the so-called simple knot or also known as the “Four in hand” necktie knot. It goes well with all mens ties, loks great on most collars, and will compliment many looks and styles. The “Four in hand” always has a slightly longer and somewhat more narrow shape. It is therefore best suited for dress shirts with a narrower collar spread.

Four-in-hand Knot

Instructions – “The four in hand knot”

  1. Place the necktie around your neck with the broader end on your right. The tie must hang lower down than the narrower end.
  2. Now take the broad end and move it left and across the narrow end, holding the narrow end in your left hand.
  3. Pass the broad end around the narrow end so that it is lying on the left again. The four in hand tie-knot is beginning to take on shape.
  4. Pass the broad end underneath the half-formed knot, lifting it slightly.
  5. Then, with your left hand, lead the broad end from underneath over the half knot and pull the whole broader end through to the front.
  6. Pass the broad end of the necktie between the outer layer of the knot and the layer directly underneath it, and pull it through. Hold the narrow end of the tie firmly and slowly tighten the knot. Do not forget to button the shirt.

Four in Hand Video

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Caspar Isemer for allowing us to use his tie knot video on the Four in Hand knot. Casper was one of the first to publish instructions on the Internet on how to tie a tie. His YouTube videos have already received millions of views, and counting…

Other Things to Know About the Four in Hand Knot

Important: When the knot is tied, the narrow end should be tied shorter than the broad end so that it lies hidden behind the tie. The tip of the broad end should be tied so that it ends near the center of your belt buckle. If a tie is not tied to the right length, then even the nicest and most expensive tie will look funny and out of place.

Although the four in hand knot is a slightly smaller knot and uses less of the tie’s material, tall men as well as men with larger neck sizes may have a difficult time to tie their ties to the right length. If this sounds familiar to you, then we recommend our longer length neckties which are about 3-4 inches longer in length and usually the perfect for men taller than 6 foot 4 inches. If this is you, then we invite you to visit our selection of Extra Long Ties. – European neckties to attractive prices

The Four in Hand Tie knot: Easy to learn and detailed description on how to tie your simple four in hand knot: Necktie tying instruction “for dummies”. Learn tying your necktie with the Four-in-Hand knot using these tie knot illustrations and video instructions.