Textured Striped Silk Tie in Dark Navy

Textured Striped Silk Tie in Dark Navy

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Solid design and a navy blue color is the perfect combination for a necktie that is easy to match, suits any occasion, and can be worn in any season. That being said, most solid navy blue ties are quite un-exciting. They are all-too-common. This tie however, although solid in design and navy blue in color, managed to excite us more that any elaborate print we have seen as of lately. What is so unique about this piece is the fabric texture - woven in Como, Italy by silk designer Marinioni. The thick woven fabric gives the tie nice weight and a somewhat 3-dimensional feel. Also available in charcoal, silver, burgundy, and champagne. Handmade from 100% Italian silk by Cantucci.

Length: 58", Width: 3.125"
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