July 29, 2009

Fashion Rules for 20-Something Men

Dress Tips for Men in Their 20’s

Men can’t wear everything, and each decade of life has its own restrictions of what (or at least what not to) wear. By the time you turn 20 or 21, you’ve probably already found a particular style that suits you. That, however, is no guarantee that it looks good. Here’s how to make those quarter-life crisis years appropriately stylish.

Learn Your Size
Once you reach your twenties, you’re not likely to do much more growing. What you see in the mirror is most probably what you’ll look like for the next decade, unless you plan to binge or get cosmetic surgery done. Learn your size and learn it well.

Fit is what can make even fashion-egregious outfits seem passable. As long as the seams of the shoulders are in the right place and the piece itself isn’t too long, the drabbest print shirt can become stylish. Knowing your size is the key to achieving that kind of wear-anything state, especially if you buy RTW.

Assemble the Classics
If you haven’t assembled what’s known as ‘the classics’ of men’s fashion yet, start buying them now. They’re called classics for a reason. Having dark denims, white shirts, black slacks, pastel polo shirts and a navy blazer in your closet will make sure that you’ll have an outfit to wear to any occasion, whether it’s a garden wedding or a boys’ night out.

Get Used to Formal
Hoodies over a tee and jeans might have been acceptable for ‘going out’ in the past, but it only works until about the age of 18. Once you’re eligible to vote, it’s time you learn to dress up and carry the look properly. It’s how you’ll look when you apply for a job or take a girl out to a nice dinner – always big events – so you can’t not learn how to do it.

And that means doing it regularly. You have to realize that a white shirt can be casual too, and that colored polos give you added cool factor without making you look stuffy. For going out or going to work, collared items and formal pants have to become de rigeur.

Meet a Tailor
Nothing – not even the best and most expensive brands – will beat clothes that are tailor-made to your measurements. You likely don’t need a full set of tailored pants just yet, but you’d best start looking for a tailor now as you’ll find him invaluable a decade or two down the road. While you’re at it, you may as well get yourself a pair of tailored slacks and a blazer anyway. You may also want to read our guide on Tips for Finding a Tailor.

At twenty-plus, you’re beginning to build many things – your career, your reputation and your fashion sense, among others. In terms of style, these are the years when you’re most likely to form habits that will serve you well (or make you look like a fashion disaster) later on.

Your Ties-Necktie Team