March 11, 2010

Dress Shirt Cuff Styles

Most Common Dress Shirt Cuff Styles

When shopping for dress shirts you will notice that there are a few hundred options available to you. Besides colors, fabrics weaves, patterns, and cuts the small intricate details such as collar style, buttons, and cuffs can add complexity. This article will cover all common cuff styles found on men’s dress shirts. While some are rare on ready-to-wear items they will make a great addition to any bespoke shirt.

One Button Round Cuff
The one button round cuff style is considered the “standard” style on most of-the-rack dress shirts. It has a classy and timeless look. The barrel of the cuff is not too long and will fit most body types.

One Button Cuff Angled
This cuff style is basically identical to the one-button round cuff style with the exception of the angled cut at the base of the cuff. It is a great way to add a different touch and some uniqueness to your dress shirt while still keeping the barrel length short and comfortable.

Straight Two Button Cuff
This style is usually found on dress shirts with a longer cuff barrel. Having two instead of one button ensures that the cuff closes properly and straight. It gives the cuff a snug fit. It is a perfect cuff style for me with a close size-ratio of hand to wrist.

Angled Two Button Cuff
An identical style to the two-button straight cuff but with an angled cut at the base of the barrel. Commonly found on dress shirts with a longer barrel. The two buttons give the cuff a snug fit – perfect for men with thinner wrists.

Round Two-Button Cuff
Another two-button cuff style that has rounded edges at the barrel. Typically found on dress shirts with a longer cuff. Perfect for men with longer arms and thinner wrists.

Straight French Cuff
A classic cuff style that is closed with cufflinks instead of sown-in shirt buttons. The straight cuff style is the classic style for French cuffed dress shirts. Many men who choose this style also opt for cuff and collar in contrasting colors – such as light blue dress shirt with white cuffs and collar.

Round French Cuff
A popular variation to the straight cut French cuffed shirt. This shirt must be worn with cufflinks in a business setting. For casual wear it has become popular to wear french cuffed dress shirts un-tugged and without cufflinks. This cuff style is commonly chosen on dress shirts using contrasting colors on collar and cuff to the rest of the shirt’s fabric.

Changeable Cuff
Not to be mistaken with a “attachable cuff”. The changeable cuff can be worn with or without cufflinks. This cuff style is a double cuff that has a button sown in. In addition an extra button hole allows you to wear it with cufflinks. When worn with cufflinks, it is worn overlapping and not folded (like it is done with a French cuff shirt).

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