November 29, 2012

Best Jobs In The Fashion Industry – A Merchandiser

Best Fashion Careers – A Merchandiser


Having an impeccable eye for the next Big Thing is a skill that not everyone has. The popularity of a brand and a fashion line relies on the ability of their merchandisers to pick items that are ahead of the trend. Becoming a merchandiser is an excellent idea for those who are interested in fashion, numbers, and public trends. Merchandising is a fun and unique career that blends creativity and economics into one dynamic field. Needless to say, we felt the need to feature this job as one of our favorite 10 Best Fashion Jobs.

Day to Day Responsibilities

Merchandisers have a variety of responsibilities that they must tackle on a daily basis in order to achieve success in their position. It all starts with analyzing trends in the marketplace, followed by devising ways to purchase merchandise that will set the company they’re buying for apart from the competition. As a result, a keen sense of intuition is a big part of the job. From there, it’s all about securing the right merchandise for the right price so that the retailer can turn a profit. As one might expect, the job can often be tense and stressful.

What it Takes

Because being a merchandiser can be stressful, the job requires one to have a strong level of confidence in their decisions and abilities. Securing work in this field also means working one’s way up in the ranks, perhaps starting by interning under a merchandiser at a local clothing retailer. A business degree can also be helpful, although it is not always necessary in order to fill this role.

What the Future Holds With this Career

Merchandisers who take the time to work their way up the ranks can expect to make a great deal of money. Working at a small boutique will typically find one starting off at around $40,000 annually, although building up a resume and securing work at a major retailer, means your on your way to six figures. Because the skill is so applicable to other aspects of business, it is also a great career path for those who do not wish to be pigeon-holed into one part of the fashion industry.

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