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The festive tie

The festive tie has become so popular that the bow tie has become less visible in today’s fashion. Instead of a bow tie, many VIPs chose a necktie whereas the plain black tie is often a favorite; There are many other options for the festive occasion, which are just as elegant as the simple black. Above all, the silver tie is worth mentioning for such occasions because this color is also in vogue with accessories and jewelry. In combination with a white shirt and a black suit it makes a spruce and soigné impression.

The glint of silver is especially elegant in Jacquard fabrics. Jacquard means that silk is woven into a fabric with a good surface texture, showing an even more wonderful shine and texture in the light. Festive silver ties are commonly seen with diagonal stripes, but the Paisley pattern is also a great choice for a festive necktie.

Which other tie colors in combination with the black suit and white shirt also provide an elegant appearance? Lilac and purple colored ties as well as ties in soft golden shades are very stylish and give a sophisticated touch to the evening dress.

Festive events during the day allow a much broader color selection. Depending on the season, light spring colors, warm sun tones and autumn reds and rust shades are a good choice. The latter offers the greatest contrast and color effect on a white shirt, whether it be a single color or a classical pattern such as stripes, Paisleys or a fancy pattern.

Here we have arranged some festive ties for you.