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Wingtip Collar

The wingtip is a collar style common on formal dress shirts worn at black and white tie functions. For more information including pictures please click this link.

A wingtip collar is a short vertical collar that rises about an inch up the neck and has its two front corners bent forward giving the appearance of triangular wings. The “wings” on a wingtip collar are quite stiff usually through the liberal application of starch or a stiff backing material that is sewn into the fabric itself. The opening created where the “wings” are bent forward allows for a bowtie to be knotted and neatly held in place.

Wingtip collars are considered to be part of the traditional mans evening dress attire and worn to black tie or white tie events. Perhaps the most commonly seen instance of wingtip collars are on groomsmen at weddings. The wingtip collar is a popular choice in tuxedos worn by many wedding parties. The wingtip dress shirt must be worn with a classic bow tie (preferably self-tied) and not a necktie. Ascots are an acceptable alternative for very formal daytime dress.