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Windsor Knot

Learn the story behind the Windsor tie knot. What is the difference between a Windsor, half Windsor, and double Windsor knot.

The Windsor knot is a type of tie knot named after the Duke of Windsor.

The Windsor knot, also known as the full Windsor or double Windsor is a wide knot that prominently displays the color and pattern of the tie in a bold and highly symmetrical way. A well-tied Windsor knot creates a perfect wide triangle at the front of the collar.

While the Windsor knot can be worn with any dress shirt for any occasion it is typically considered to be a more formal style of knot and thus more often employed for formal events. Additionally it is better suited for use with wide spread collars that provide enough of a horizontal span to adequately accommodate the large knot without causing the collar wings to flip up.

In addition to boldly displaying the color and pattern of the tie; the Windsor knot is also popular because it has the ability to remain tied all day without the need to readjust or retighten the knot. Additionally many fashion experts consider the Windsor knot to be a great tool for drawing attention away from the face, thus minimizing the appearance of facial blemishes or providing balance to a large amount of facial hair. For instructions on this tie knot please visit our guide on How to Tie a double Windsor. Besides the larger Windsor knot there are also illustrations on tying the smaller Half Windsor Knot.