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Ugg Boots

Uggs are bots that are traditionally made from sheepskin. To read more on the origin of the so-called Uggs please click this link.

Ugg boots are the latest fashion inclined incarnation of the age old sheepskin boots that have been popular across the globe in many of the colder climates.

Ugg boots (commonly referred to as Uggs) are made with tanned sheepskin that has a wool inner lining. The boots are available with or without a synthetic sole for extra durability. Regardless of the presence of a sole, Uggs are not considered to be a durable boot, and are instead deemed appropriate for casual outings or for wear around the house. While Uggs are available in synthetic materials they are not as popular as their sheepskin counterpart.

The origins of sheepskin boots can be traced back to China and the warmer Arctic regions among people who had ready access to sheep. It was not until the onset of World War one, however, that sheepskin boots managed to gain wider popularity. It is generally regarded that the pilots of both the world wars had a hand in popularizing sheepskin boots due to the boots high insulating properties against the frigid upper atmosphere.

In modern times Uggs are seen more as a fashionable style of boot rather than a practical one. In the early 2000’s they gained recognition due to the many celebrities that wore them at high profile events. For most fashion oriented people that value a classy and traditional look, Uggs are otypically an eyesore and perceived as tacky. Presently, the boot is losing popularity to other styles that are seen as less lavish, and more animal friendly.