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Tie Bar

The tie bar serves both a decorative and functional purpose. The tie bar is a piece of metal the secures the necktie to the dress shirt. To read more and for pictures please click on the link.

A tie bar is a small accessory use to secure a neckties to shirts, ensuring that the necktie does not swing or fall away from the front of the shirt when bending forward; while at the same time anchoring that tie so that it remains straight.

A tie bar works much like a bobby pin or paperclip; where a folded piece of material, in many cases metal, is used to hold the tie snugly against the shirt. Tension is created within the material once it has been folded, and this tension is used to secure the two pieces of fabric between the two sides.

A tie clip (shown in the picture at the top right) looks much like a tie bar however is operated with a clamshell mechanism whereby a small spring keeps the two sides clasped together. To use a tie clip the wearer pries the two sides apart and inserts the shirt and tie between the gap. Once the wearer stops holding apart sides of the clip the spring’s tension keeps the two sides together and the tie in place snugly against the shirt.

As an alternative to the tie bar or clip, a tie pin or a tie chain can also be used to accomplish the same task. A tie pin is simply an ornamental tack with a secure backing that is used to pin a tie to a shirt. A tie chain is a little bit more elaborate and involves a small metal chain that runs across the front of a tie which is then secured from behind by a small metal bar that attaches to a shirt button.

All of these accessories accomplish the same task, and it is up to the personal style of the wearer as to which one is fitting for the event that they will be attending. Today, the tie bar is most common of the four different styles. In fact, the tie bar has recently become more popular again - especially in combination with skinny neckties.

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