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Tangzhuang Jacket

The tangzhuang is a formal jacket from China. It closely resembles the Mao Suit but is usually made in brighter colors. To read more please click this link:

A tangzhuang is a style of Chinese formal jacket first created in the late Quing dynasty. The tangzhuang evolved from jackets worn in Manchuria known as maguas.

Tangzhuangs originally were worn only by government officials and the upper class; however today the jacket is popular among both men and women from all walks of life. The Mao suit is commonly mistaken for a tangzhuang; though there are distinct differences between the two despite the similarity in tailoring. Whereas Mao suits are typically constructed out of grey material; tangzhuangs are produced in many different colors and patterns. Depending on the occasion for which the jacket is worn; the tangzhuang may be embroidered with different inspirational Chinese characters or constructed out of vibrant shades of silk appropriate for the celebration.