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Seven Fold Ties

When experts talk about a seven fold tie then they are referring to a very particular manufacturing process that requires much more silk fabric. For more information click this link.

Seven fold neckties are a variant on the more popular four in hand tie. Whereas a simple four in hand tie is constructed out of a piece of fabric that is folded onto itself (most often with a lining); the seven fold tie is constructed out of a much larger piece of fabric that is folded five times to create seven sections of fabric that are stacked on top of each other to create the tie.

Seven fold neckties are much heavier than the four in hand variety and are prone to becoming wrinkled much more easily. Because of their additional cost, weight, affinity for wrinkles and limited availability seven fold neckties can be difficult to find and are not nearly as popular as the nearly ubiquitous four in hand tie.