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Seersucker is an all cotton fabric that commonly has a fine striped or checkered pattern. To read more on the origin an the use of Seersucker in mens fashion please click the link.

Seersucker is thin and light-weight cotton fabric. It usually has fine stripes or checkered patterns, and although produced in a wide range of colors, is most common in light tans, white, and light blues.

In mens fashion the fabric is best known on suits that were first introduced by Brooks Brothers in the 1870s. The light weight and lighter colors make the seersucker suit perfect for the spring and summer. As a general rule the seersucker suit is appropriate to wear from Easter to Labor day. Wearing this type of suit outside the season is sometimes considered a fashion Faux Pas.

Seersucker neckwear has gained quite the following, especially in the south where men are often spotted wearing a seersucker suit with a seersucker bow tie and a straw hat. If you like the look of the seersucker tie, we recommend you opt for lighter colors in soft pink, light blue (the classic), and pastel yellow. Also, it is recommended to pick a tie width that is a tad narrower (2.5-3 inches) as this look will nicely compliment the more casual look of the seersucker tie. We at Ties-Necktie carry both, seersucker neckties as well as self-tied bow ties.