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Lederhosen are a traditional leather pant style out of Bavaria, Germany. For more information on the Lederhosen please click here:

Lederhosen are a particular type of pants (breeches) that became popular around the Bavarian region in the late 17th century. Lederhosen are recognized by their leather construction and generally cover the leg down to the mid thigh or knee. This makes their form factor much closer to modern day shorts or capree pants. The pants were worn primarily by outdoor laborers as they provided a degree of protection to the wearers legs.

Around the 19th century leaderhosen lost much of their popularity when they became inextricably associated with the working class. Today leaderhosen are still worn in the Bavarian region by some outdoor workers, and individuals during periods of relaxation. It is far more common, however, to see leaderhosen being worn as part of a costume piece.