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Knickerbockers are are slightly baggy, three-quarter length trouser style that was most popular during the beginning of the 20th century. To read more and to see a picture please click here.

Knickerbockers are a type of trousers worn by men and boys that are quite baggy and usually reach somewhere between above the ankle and below the knee depending on the style.

Knickerbockers, or knickers (not to be confused with the name for ladies undergarments used in England), have not been fashionable for some time though perhaps the most iconic usage of these trousers and recent memory would have to be the type of modified knickerbockers worn by baseball players before they started making the uniform pants tighter.

Knickerbockers reached the height of their popularity in the early 20th century where they were used by many athletes as part of team uniforms as well as a common type of trouser worn by boys before they reached adulthood. Knickerbockers are commonly associated with Scotland, Golf players, baseball, polo players, and cricket.

The term knickerbocker has been used to describe many things from baseball teams to restaurants and though there are many stories about the origin of the word it is unknown at this point where precisely the word originated and how it became synonymous with the knickerbockers style of trouser.