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JOOP! is a German fashion house founded by Wolfgang Joop in the early 1970s. To read more about this brand label, please click this link.

JOOP! is one of German's most famus fashion houses of the late 20th century. The label was founded by Wolfgang Joop in 1972.

Wolfgang joop was born on a small farm in Potsdam in 1944. After finishing high school he went on to study advertising at the insistence of his father. He didn't enjoy this field very much and never completed his study. Instead he worked as an restaurateur and became involved in art. Then, in 1968 he started the formal study of art at the University of Braunschweig.

His career as a fashion designer didn't start until 1970 when he and his wife won the first top 3 prizes at a fashion design competition. Following this first success he started to work as a freelance designer. In 1978 he released his first entire collection which gained him international recognition. Initially, like most designers, his focus was on women's fashion, but eventually, in 1985, he released his first mens collection. Then, in 1987 he released his first fragrance.

Joop's designs are usually recognized by their classy, and not "too over the top" designs. He ones said that: "Fashion should not just be a blatant expression of money. It should be humorous and give dignity to the individual wearing the clothes."