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Ike Behar

Ike Behar is an American clothing designer that is most known for his mens dress shirt line. Fore more info please click here:

Ike Behar is an American clothing brand founded by the Cuban designer Ike Behar. The brand is most closely associated with high end tailored and ready to wear mens dress shirts. Behar shirts can be found at upscale department stores world wide.

Ike Behar (the designer) learned to tailor clothing from his father; a proprietor of a custom tailor shop in pre-revolution Cuba. At the age of 20 Ike immigrated to New York and took a job at a custom shirt making store. Ike later bought the business and used it as a springboard for launching his line of tailored shirts. Between the years of 1970 and 1982 Ike Behar shirts were part of the American designer Ralph Lauren menswear collection. Today Ike Behar also added mens neckwear to their clothing line as well as coats, suits, and other clothing items. Despite this product expansion, Ike Behar remains most known for their line of dress shirts.