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Henry Poole Co

Henry Poole & Co is a famous British mens fashion tailor known for it's high end cusom-made suits. To read the entire history of Henry Poole & Co please click the link.

Henry Poole & Co is a bespoke tailor located on the famous Savile Row in London. As a company that produces bespoke clothing, Henry Poole & Co maintains a stock of many fine textiles that customers can choose from when ordering their suits. In fact Henry Poole & Co are known for keeping over 2000 fabric swatches on hand to ensure that customers get exactly the suit they're looking for. It is a misconception that Henry Poole & Co produces only bespoke clothing. While it is true that bespoke clothing represents the lion's share of Henry Poole & Co business, they also produce high-end ready-to-wear items that are sold primarily in Asian markets.

Henry Poole is credited with founding the world-famous Savile Row when he expanded his father’s tailoring shop and opened a new entrance onto Seville Row in 1846 after inheriting the company, though it should be noted there were tailors operating on the same street long before Pool opened shop. Prior to this Henry Poole & Co used an entrance that could be accessed from the adjacent Regent Street.

Henry Poole & Co has held warrants with many kings, princes, dukes and other dignitaries throughout the company’s history. Though the practice of accepting warrants of appointment is no longer commonly performed it is worth noting that dignitaries still frequent this establishment, though on a more low-key basis.

In addition to being a champion of bespoke clothing Henry Poole is credited with inventing the dinner jacket in 1860 after creating a custom jacket for the Prince of Wales.

Today Henry Poole & Co can be found at 15 Seville Row; however between the years of 1961 and 1982 Henry Poole & Co was actually forced to move out of Seville Row due to redevelopment projects that forced them to relocate on nearby Cork Street.