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FENDI is an Italian fashion house that operates under the LVMH fashion conglomerate. To read the history of FENDI please click this link.

Fendi is a popular Italian fashion house that was first founded in 1918 as a leather and fur shop by Adele Casagrande in Rome Italy. In 1925 the business was renamed Fendi after Adele’s marriage to Edoardo Fendi.

When it comes to clothing, Fendi is best known for their Karl Lagerfeld designed fur collections that are known for being innovative and trendsetting when it comes to fur fashion. Because of this Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld have faced a good degree criticism and animosity from the anti-fur establishment however have remained staunch in their decision to continue using fur within their designs.

In addition to clothing, Fendi is also responsible for releasing watches, glasses, perfumes, colognes and the extraordinarily popular line of Fendi handbags. Today Fendi is no longer a privately owned family company and is instead owned by the holding company LVMH which is the parent company of many other prestigious brands including: Donna Karan New York, Givenchi, Mark Jakobs, Louis Vuitton and many others.