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Duffel Coat

The duffel coat is a coat that first originated in Belgium towards the end of the 19th century. To read the full story of the Duffel coat, please click this link.

Duffel coats derive their name from the material from which they are constructed. The materiel, duffel, originated in Belgium and is a rather rough woolen fabric known for its thickness and insulation properties. There are several properties of the duffel coat that distinguish it from other similar styles of coats; particularly felt coats. Most importantly the coat must be made from duffel and be approximately 3/4 length. Additionally duffel coats should have a hood, large covered pockets on either side and be closed with four large rope style fasteners placed evenly down the front.

The duffel coat first became popular during World War I and World War II when it was extensively used by the British Navy. Post-World War II a surplus of available coats caused their price to drop drastically and thus became popular among civilians. The duffel coat is still somewhat popular today, especially in European countries; though it is not nearly as popular as it once was.