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In mens fashion the dimple refers to the crevice on top of the necktie knot. To read more on the dimple and how to create one, please click the link.

The dimple on a tie knot distinguishes the necktie aficionado from the rookie tie wearer. The dimpled tie knot has gained so much popularity in recent years that some even took it a step further when inventing the double dimpled tie knot.

The dimple on the knot is created in the final steps when tying a necktie. Before tightened the knot a crevice is created on top of the tie right at the place where the final knot will be. To do this, slide one finger inside the knot and create a crevice. Slowly tighten the knot and at the same time carefully remove the finger.

The dimple looks best on solid color ties and on neckties with a high shine. Although any tie knot will work well, the best ones for the dimple are the Four in Hand knot and the Half Windsor Tie Knot. Both knots are slightly smaller in size and have an asymmetric shape - a look that is perfectly complimented with a dimple.