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Clip On Tie

The clip on tie is a pre-tied necktie or bow tie. To read the entire story of the clip on tie please click here.

The clip on tie refers to a style of neckties of bow ties that are manufactured to be permanently tied in a knot that never becomes undone - meaning that there is no need to learn How to Tie a Tie. With a clip on tie the knot no longer acts as a means of affixing the tie around the wearers collar - thus alternate methods must be used.

As the name implies one style of clip on tie uses a metal clip to attach the tied to the front of the collar at the top button. Depending on the style of collar and the size of the opening between collar wings it is entirely possible for a clip on style tie to be readily identified by the lack of fabric band encircling the collar.

The second style of clip on tie actually forgoes the clip entirely and instead uses a fabric band that encircles the collar but is closed by hook and loop mechanism either behind the tie knot or at the back of the collar. This style of clip on tie can be more difficult to identify due to the addition of the fabric band; however anyone who looks at enough ties will quickly be able to recognize them. This style is much more common on bow ties. When used on neckties this style is commonly referred to as a "Zipper Tie".

Clip on ties came into popularity predominately among security workers and police officers who were required to wear ties as part of their uniform however did not want to provide dangerous criminals with a ready means of counterattack. In a tight situation a knotted necktie can be an effective strangulation device. Clip on ties are also popular among shift workers as part of their corporate uniforms and young schoolchildren as part of their uniforms. In addition, men that suffered a stroke and are unable to tie a necktie often times use a clip on tie instead.

Clip on ties are considered to be less classy and less formal than their traditional counterparts. It is rare to see a clip on tie being worn in a white-collar workplace. Due to this stigmatism clip on ties enjoy a relatively small amount of market share compared to traditional ties and thus only come in a limited variety of styles and sizes with most options geared towards children and uniforms.

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