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Business Casual Attire

Learn how to dress for Casual Fridays with these business casual dress code tips.

Business casual attire is a label used to describe a dress code that falls between business formal and street wear. Though it should be noted that the term dress code is used loosely in this instance. There is no actual definition of what business casual attire consists of; rather it is a general set of unofficial principles coupled with official dress codes found in many workplaces.

The idea of business casual is very much a western construct though with the increased westernization of other countries the idea of business casual is spreading like wildfire. Additionally business casual attire only exists among white-collar professions; it is not a term used when describing the dress code at blue collar jobs.

For men, some typical business casual guidelines include a shirt with a collar (either polo or dress), plain cotton pants, a belt and dress shoes.

For women the guidelines are similarly broad; cotton pants, knee length or longer skirts, closed toe shoes and modest dresses are all considered appropriate pieces for womens business casual.

One of the most common instances of business casual attire in the workplace occurs on so-called casual Fridays where employees are encouraged to attend work in a more relaxed set of clothing.