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Bobble Hat

The classic Bobble-hat: Where it originated and what it looks like. Read the entire story about the Bobble hat.

Bobble hat is a British English term for a style of hat that is generally knitted and fits close to the head. The bobble hat is more of a cap than a proper hat; as it has no brim or real structure. The most prominent feature of a bobble hat is the yarn tassel or pom-pom that adorns the apex of the cap. The bobble hat is also commonly known as a beanie.

Bobble hats are not exclusively worn in Britain; and in fact can be found worldwide. They are a popular children's winter cap due to their insulative properties and whimsical look; as well as popular among college students attending outdoor sporting events in the winter. Among sports enthusiasts it is not uncommon to find them wearing bobble hats fashioned out of yarn that represents their favorite team's colors.

Bobble hats should not be confused with the popular “skull cap” which is also a knitted cap but is generally shorter covering only to the top of the forehead and had no tassels or other ornamentation at the top.