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Bermuda Shorts

The history of the Bermuda shorts. Learn about this clothing item as well as see pictures. For more information please click here:

Bermuda shorts are a semi-casual style of short pants that generally terminate a small distance above the knee. Bermuda shorts are known as a unisex style and can be worn by both men and women; though they are generally more popular among men.

Bermuda shorts first derived their name from their popularity in the British territory of Bermuda where they are so popular that they are considered acceptable business attire. This is not however where the shorts were invented. Bermuda shorts were first created by the British Army as part of their tropical weather uniform. During the course of a severe World War II clothing shortage business owners on the island of Bermuda created shorts patterned after the shorts worn by the British Army in order to give their employees something to wear and also maximize clothing efficiency.

Traditionally Bermuda shorts are worn with kneelength stockings though this is a fashion that has been out of style for quite some time. Today Bermuda shorts are typically worn casually with ankle or shin length stockings; though in some warmer climates Bermuda shorts are considered acceptable casual clothing choices for business casual days that are obviously worn without a tie.