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Beret Hat

The Beret is a type of hat that, although commonly associated with France, originated in Greece. To read the entire story of the Beret hat please click this link.

A beret is a round hat typically constructed out of woolen felt that is most commonly associated with France and French culture. Today it is common for both men and women to wear beret hats.

In fact, the beret did not originate in France but rather as military headgear worn by ancient Greeks. In modern times the first occurrence of the beret can be traced to the Basque region on both the Spanish and French sides of the Pyrenees Mountains where it was worn by fishermen and almost always constructed out of navy blue or red material.

Around World War I the beret gained worldwide recognition and was used as part of many different military uniforms including the French resistance movement of the Maquis, the Green Berets of the United States, the USA Rangers black berets, and the United Nations blue berets. Following this boost in the popularity of the beret it became the signature of many resistance movements, revolutionaries and artists across the world.

In fashion the berets popular for its versatility. Common practices for wearing a beret include pulling the beret close to one's head to achieve a sporty look, wearing the beret off-center or skewed for a jaunty or edgy appearance, and low on the forehead to purvey drama.