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As the name suggests, barkcloth is a textile made from the bark of a tree. For more information on barkcloth and its uses please click this link:

Traditional barkcloth is a type of fabric that is constructed from the bark of several different types of trees including the ficus, Artocarpus altilis, and Broussonetia papyrifera; all of which belong to the Moraceae family of trees.

The fabric itself is made by soaking strips of the inner bark in water to make them more pliable and then beating the strips into sheets which can then be used to produce larger pieces of fabric which in turn can be used to produce many different items.

In modern times the definition of barkcloth has shifted greatly and is now used to refer to a type of fake textured cloth that has a surface similar to tree bark in its roughness. This type of barkcloth is woven from thick cotton yarn. Today barkcloth is typically used as an upholstery material due to its high degree of durability.