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Learn all there is to know about using bamboo in fabrics and textiles. Click here to read the full story.

Bamboo fabric is known for having antimicrobial properties, a great degree of softness as well as the ability to absorb things well thus making it a popular and comfortable fabric.

The process for creating bamboo fabric out of bamboo trees can be accomplished using one of two popular industrial methods. The first method, which is considered to be superior, involves using naturally occurring enzymes to break down the crushed bamboo stalks into a slurry from which the fibers can be manually extracted. The second method involves using harsh chemicals to dissolve the wood pulp and break the fibers which are then extruded by mechanical means. Of these two methods the first one is considered far superior due to the fact that the fabric will lose its antimicrobial and absorption qualities if it is produced using the second method. Additionally, the enzymatic method has less of an environmental impact than the chemical method of production.

Though bamboo has been used as a construction material and papermaking material for centuries, its use as a textile component is relatively new; though it is gaining popularity due to the environmental movement.

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