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Aramid is a synthetic fiber known for its high strength. It is a fiber commonly used on clothes for utility rather than comfort or fashion purpose. To read more on Aramid, please click this link.

Aramid is a class of synthetic fibers that are known for their heat resistance and strength. Typically aramid fibers are used in military industrial and aerospace applications however in clothing they are used to produce pieces of body armor as well as heat resistant clothing used by pyro technicians and firefighters.

Aramid was first produced by DuPont in the 1960s and sold under the brand Nomex. The more well known Kevlar fiber is actually a poly-aramid and was created by DuPont about 10 years after the first aramid fiber was created.

Because aramid class fibers are known more for their durability and strength; articles of clothing made out of these fibers are typically used for utility purposes rather than fashion purposes. It is uncommon to see typical articles of clothing that incorporate aramid fibers.