June 18, 2014

Put Some Paisley In Your Breast Pocket

Power Up Your Look With A Paisley Pocket Square

Paisley Pocket Squares and Blazers

The Paisley Pattern is a droplet shaped motif with a Persian heritage that has gradually become one of the mainstay patterns of international menswear fashion. This ornate pattern can be traditional or modern, colorful or neutral and casual or professional.  We have collected some of our favorite looks that truly capitalize on the power and timelessness of the Paisley Pattern in menswear.  These looks are stunning and you can have them with any of these hand picked paisley patterned pocket squares.


Dark Blue Paisley Tie      Blue and Yellow Paisley Pocket Square      Red and Blue Paisley Pocket Square

Silk Paisley Pocket Square      Paisley Pocket Square in Black and Blue      Regal Tan and Blue Pocket Square


 Paisley Pocket Square in Blue and Bronze

 Moroccan Paisley in Blues and Golds

Regal Paisley Pocket Square in Ruby and Navy 

Elegant Silk Paisley Pocket Square

Black and Light Blue Paisley Pocket Square

Your Ties Necktie Team


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