March 3, 2017

Best Dressed Men – Oscars 2017

Hollywood’s best looking men walked the red carpet this past weekend for the Academy Awards. Whether your favorite movie won or not, we can all agree the outfits are part of the experience that is the Oscars. With this year’s awards ceremony being nothing short of entertaining, we wouldn’t expect the attire to be any different! We’ve chosen three of Hollywood’s leading men and their spectacular pairings with the popular solid black bow tie. While each wore high fashion name brands, we’ve found items to help keep your money in your pocket. Each look is priced below $300! Featured below are Dev Patel, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Evans. Which look was your favorite?

Dev Patel Oscars 2017 - White Tux Jacket + Black Bow Tie

Dev Patel

White Tuxedo Jacket
Laydown Collar Shirt
Black Bow Tie


Ryan Gosling Oscars 2017 - Black Tuxedo + Black Bow Ties

Ryan Gosling

Black Jacket With Contrast Lapel
Black Pants
White + Black Ruffled Dress Shirt
Black Bow Tie


Chris Evans Oscars 2017- Blue Tuxedo + Black Bow Tie

Chris Evans

Blue Jacket With Black Shawl Lapel
Blue Tuxedo Pants
Fitted Tuxedo White Shirt
Black Bow Tie


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