May 6, 2008

How to tie a perfect windsor knot

The Windsor tie knot is after the simple knot, or also called four in hand knot, the most popular tie knot in the US. The triangular and symmetrical look of the Windsor knot makes it a perfect tie knot for shirts with a wider collar spread. Click here to see more detailed instructions on how to tie a full Windsor tie knot.
The full Windsor tie knot

For additional guidance on how to tie the full Windsor knot, this video has great instructions for you.
Video instructions on the tying a full Windsor tie knot

What ties are best suited for a full Windsor tie knot and what other factors to consider?
Many factors influence what type of knot to tie. Those are: The shirt’s collar, your body type and neck size, and the type of the tie.

The shirts collar:
To make it simple: The wider the collar spread, the wider, and more triangular the tie knot should be. Narrow collar spreads or button down collars look best with narrow more tube-looking tie knots such as the four in hand tie knot.

Your body type:

If you have a wide neck in comparison to your hight, then choose a wider tie knot. The full Windsor is a perfect choice in this case. A narrow tie knot on a strong and wide neck looks out of place. Just as this scenario looks like the tie is choking the person, a wide and thick tie knot on a short and slim man might remind of a clown’s tie.

The type of the tie:
Two main factors influence the choice of knot to choose for a particular tie: The design and the fabric. In general ties made from smooth and shiny silk always look great with a full Windsor knot. Some examples of non-solid colored ties made from smooth silk are below:
Blue and white striped tie

Light yellow necktie

Besides these ties, solid colored neckties with some structure in the silk fabric such as a ribbed pattern or tiny crosses are a great choice of tie for a full Windsor tie knot.
Pink silk tie

As an exception to this rule are solid colored ties that are made from smooth silk. Such a tie looks quite trendy when tied with a non-symmetric tie knot with a dimple. An example of a solid color tie made from smooth silk is below:
Elegant silver necktie