April 3, 2013

Exotic Necktie Knots: How to Tie an Eldridge Knot

Learn to Tie and Wear the Exotic Eldridge Knot


Photo Credi: Catalinabloch.com

Our Take on This Exotic Tie Knot:
WIthout doubt, the Eldridge knot stands out from all other common necktie knots. All the wrappings are clearly visible and attention grabbing, and this is most definitely done on purpose. Because a tie knot sits so close to your face, and because only a portion of the necktie is visible (the bottom is usually hidden under a jacket or vest) it is one of the most noticeable pieces on your ensemble. With that being said, the bold and attention-grabbing look of the Eldridge can be perceived as a bit flashy. Thus, avoid this knot for traditional business settings and formal dress codes. Instead rock this unusual knot on a more casual/hip ensemble (such as shown above). A perfect example are plaid dress shirts, button down collars, cardigan vests/sweaters, as well as fitted jeans and urban boots. Final verdict on this knot: People either love or hate it. We at Ties-Necktie are a bit more traditional when it comes to the way we tie our neckties. That being said, we are not a fan of the Eldridge. To us it looks like a bad hair braid. Still want to master this knot, then see the video instructions below.

How to Tie the Eldridge:
This video will show you how to master this tricky tie knot. Our tip: Watch the video once or twice from beginning to end, and then attempt the knot step-by-step in front of a mirror.

For more information please also visit our entire tutorial page on How to Tie a Necktie

Your Ties-Necktie.com Team

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