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How to tie a tie: The simple Windsor tie knot or half Windsor knot

The simple Windsor knot, or often-called half Windsor, is together with the Four in Hand and the full Windsor the most common tie knot. It is relatively easy to tie, and since it uses less of the tie’s material it is a slightly smaller looking knot. It is a perfect tie knot for tall men when not wearing longer Extra Long Ties. The slightly smaller look also goes well with dress shirts having a narrower collar spread.

Simple Windsorknot

Half Windsor Tie Knot Instructions

  1. Flip up your shirt collar and lay your tie around your neck so that the inseam faces the inside. Make sure to let the broad end of the tie hang a few inches lower than the narrow end.
  2. Take the broad end and wrap it from behind through the loop on your neck area.
  3. Slightly pull tight, and then take the broad end behind the narrow end of the tie.
  4. Loop it over the narrow end and back though the loop – just as you did in Step #2. Don’t pull tight yet.
  5. Take the wide end and pull it rhough the loop you created in the previous step.
  6. Carefully tighten the knot, give it some final adjustment, center it, and flip down the shirt collar. You are done with the half Windsor necktie knot.

Half Windsor Knot Video

Thanks to Casper Isemer we recently added video instructions for the most popular ways to tie a tie. Casper was one of the first to show men how to tie a necktie on the Internet. To date millions of men have learned to tie their ties with his videos which receive millions of views each year.

Characteristics of the Half Winsor Knot

The simple or half Windsor is similar to the double Windsor, except that the second wrapping through the loop is omitted. The knot is identifiable by its bellied, conic shape and suitable for shirts where the corners of the collar are very close, as well as for shirts with button down collars. Concerning volume, the Windsor lies between simple knot and double Windsor. And to make your tie knot look perfectly, just add a final touch with a Dimpled Tie Knot.


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How to tie a silk neck tie: Tying a fashionable and modern half Windsor tie knot. The half Windsor necktie knot is also known as a simple Windsor knot. Easy instructions on tying the common half Windsor knot.