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How to tie a neck tie: The “Kent tie-knot”

The Kent knot will not need many loops. This makes the knot quite small, which is the reason it is also known as the “Small Knot”. The fact that the Kent knot uses less of the silk tie’s fabric, about 2 ½ inches, makes it especially suitable for tall men. Even though it has not as many loops, it is not easier to tie. You need a certain twist to make that knot fit.

Tying a Kent-Knot

Instructions: Tying a perfect Kent tie-knot

1. 1.Begin as with the “Four in hand” necktie knot and put the tie around the neck, with the broader and longer part on the left. Then twist the broad end of the tie for about 180 degrees so that the seam is showing to the front. This is necessary to give the next loop more support.

2. 1.First cross the broad end underneath the narrow end and then go back crossing over.

3. 1.Then form a loop with the broad end going through from the back to the front.

4. 1.Pull the broad end of the necktie through the loop and we are done! – A perfect “Kent tie knot”.

The Kent knot is small and asymmetric. It goes well with small collars and narrow collar spread. You can also choose the Kent knot when wearing an extremely heavy, voluminous necktie, and naturally, when you feel most ties are too short. The smaller look of the Kent tie-knot makes is a good choice for traditional ties such as British regimental ties or club ties.