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Perfecting the tie knot: How to get the dimple in tying a tie

When you have managed to tie your necktie properly, the next step will be the styling of the knot. It requires that before finally pulling the tie tight, you make a little dent into the broader end, in fact just below the knot. The expert calls this a “dimple” because of the looks of it. There is no factual reason to do this, but the silk appears thicker this way and the tie knot gets a whiff of a nonchalant elegance. Often this dimple will not stay in ties made of printed silk as the material is too smooth. It works better on structured Jacquard.

Whether you also pull the narrow end through the loop or label on the back is almost a philosophical question. The English Gentleman would do it at any rate; the Italian would rather forbear from it. Now, who is right? Neither of them, it is all matter of taste. But a lot of things are in favor of the Mediterranean opinion because the tie might remind one of a rakish twined silken shawl when both ends hang loose out of the slackly tied knot.

Someone learning how to tie a necktie will be told as matter of principle that both ends should be at same height or that the broader part may overlap the narrow one a bit. However, here as well the elegant Italians have their own point of view: For them a beautiful knot is more important than anything else. But unfortunately, sometimes the knot will only have the right volume when tied from the broad end. Thus, the longer narrow end is not unusual when having a look around in Italy. If you wondered about it in the past, you will now know the reasons.