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How to tie a tie: The “Prince Albert” tie-knot

Shorter men often have to fight with silk neck ties that are too long. No matter what they do, the ends always dangle way too far over the buckle belt. For them it helps to wind around the broad end several times. This method of course has a name - it is called Albert. Someone who prefers a big, but longish knot, - as the Italians do – should know how to tie the Prince Albert necktie knot. The procedure is almost identical with the one of the Four-in-hand knot.

Doubleknot Prince-Albert

Instructions – The Prince Albert tie-knot

As with all tie knots, start off by putting the tie around your neck, keeping the broad end longer than the narrow one. Then start by passing the broad end to the left over the narrower end. Then wrap the broader end over the narrow one, so it will be on the left side. Unlike the “Four in hand” tie-knot repeat the first step for the Albert. Once again wrap the broad end around. If you prefer a real voluminous looking and larger necktie knot, you can do this step for a third time. If you prefer the really big tie knot, use the Prince Albert knot and wrap the broad end around the tie three times instead of two. In this case, right at the beginning, you need to have the broader end hanging much further down than the narrow end.

The finish of tying the Prince Albert knot is almost identical with the simple necktie knot. Pass the broad end underneath the half knot, lifting it slightly. Then pass it from underneath over the half knot and pull it through all the way to the front.

In the next step, put the broader end between the outer knot layer and pull the layer below through. The Prince Albert knot needs practice. It is easy to mess up the multiple wrapped layers. In that case just start all over again. Finally ss a last step, hold on to the narrow end and smoothly tighten the knot. Here we go: A perfect Prince Albert tie-knot!