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How to tie a tie: The “Double Windsor”, also called “Full Windsor” knot

The double Windsor knot is the most looked after tie knot in the US these days. Although it is the most searched for tie knot on the internet, it is only the third most commonly used knot after the Four in Hand knot and the full Windsor’s smaller brother: The Half Windsor knot.

Although it is not the most commonly used tie knot, the double Windsor is the most popular, and most fashionable tie knot in the United States. With the simple instructions below, and with the help of the Video, tying a perfect double Windsor is easy.

Double Windsorknot

Tie knot Instructions: How to tie a double Windsor tie-knot

  1. The Windsor knot is a double knot. Thus, you need a lot more length of the necktie to tie this knot. Therefore, make sure that the broad end of the tie hangs down much lower. Cross the wider end of the tie over the narrow end and hold in place with two fingers
  2. Then take the wide end of the tie and pull it through the loop on your neck. Then take the wide end and wrap it back behind the narrow end.
  3. Now take the wide end of the tie and pull it through the loop across from the side of the previous wrapping.
  4. Slightly tighten it, and pull the wide end back over the front of the knot. Don’t pull tight but create a loop.
  5. Pull the wide end of the tie through the loop at the front of the knot.
  6. Slightly tighten the knot. Make sure that the wide end of the tie lies centered and doesn’t fall into the crevice created of the two wrappings.
  7. Give the knot some final adjustment and flip down your collars. You are done tying the Double Windsor knot. For more tips you may also want to visit our guide on How to Create a Dimpled Tie Knot.

Windsor Tie Knot Video

At Ties-Necktie we are excited to have added one of the world’s most popular tie knot videos by Casper Isemer – a German necktie aficionado who was one of the first to teach men how to tie a tie on the Internet. His YouTube videos receive millions of views each year. We want to take this opportunity to thank him for letting us use his videos.

More Info on the Double Windsor

The Windsor should also end near the waistband with the tip of the broad part. The narrow end is supposed to be shorter or of the same length. Sometimes this does not work for shorter men. To make the broader part end at a perfect height, the narrow end can be hidden underneath the waistband.

For very tall men, the double Windsor knot is often not suitable if using normal length ties, since any double knot uses up a lot of the tie’s length. We recommend longer ties for the taller man (6‘3“ and taller). For that reason we carry an assortment of extra long silk ties in our on-line shop.

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Tying a necktie: How to tie a Windsor knot. Simple to follow advice on tying a fashionable full or double Windsor tie knot. How to Tie a Necktie made easy with these simple to follow instructions!