Striped Multi-Colored Tie in Outstanding Purples and Other Colors

Striped Multi-Colored Tie in Outstanding Purples and Other Colors

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Nowadays it seems like everywhere you go, you see the same old tie on people. We know classic and familiarity is good, but every now and then we should step out of our comfort zone and go for something bold. If you want to go bold, try our brand new piece by Puccini. This is a tie that certainly won't be missed amongst the crowds, so you cannot be shy when wearing this. With a dominant color of grape purple, there are a myriad of other complimenting colors in adorning stripes of lime, dahlia, steel, and lemon. What a winning combination!

Pair this effortlessly with a gray button up that matches the steel-colored stripes in the tie. That way, you can accentuate the tie, as well as look chic.

Length: 58", Width: 3.25"

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