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Silk-ties overview of all ties in our Online-Shop

Bright Kelly Green Tie for Kids
Striped XL Length Tie in Teal, Aqua, and Blue
Horizontal Striped Silk Tie in Rich Reds
Spring Bud Green Summer Tie
Mulberry Purple Necktie
Skinny Mens Tie in Radiant Blue
Light Blue Colored Bow Tie
Oasis Color Necktie in XL Length
Oasis Color Kids Necktie
Freesia Purple Tie in XL Length
Candy Pink Color Tie in XL Length
Bright Aqua Striped Tie in XL Length
Solid Extra Long Tie in Butter
Freesia Purple Kids Sized Tie
Bright Aqua Striped Kids Tie
Solid Color Kids Necktie in Butter
Candy Pink Colored Boys Necktie
Freesia Purple Clip On Tie
Aqua Blue and Silver Paisley Pocket Square
Dark Teal Paisley Kids Necktie
Apricot Orange Silk Tie for Kids
Tangerine Neck Tie in Silk Made for Kids
Tangerine Neck Tie in XL Length
Dark Teal Paisley Silk Tie in Long Length
Hot Pink Striped Necktie in XL Length
Apricot Orange Extra Long Tie
Palm Green Textured Necktie
Extra Long Tie in Citrine Yellow
Flannel Madras Plaid Tie in Red, Aqua, and Navy
Skinny Flannel Plaid Tie in Turquoise
Golden Yellow Flannel Plaid Tie
Winter Flannel Necktie in Red, Green, Charcoal
Winter Flannel Tie in Charcoal and Navy
Winter Tweed Tie in Espresso Brown
Gray Tweed Tie with Houndstooth Check Pattern
Midnight Blue Tweed Skinny Tie
Orange, Tan, and Brown Linen Plaid Tie
Pink, Tan, and Cream Colored Linen Plaid Tie
Colorful Summer Linen Plaid Tie
Cotton Madras Tie in Cream, Red, and Blue
Colorful Summer Cotton Tie in Lavender, Blue, and Golden Tan
Red, Navy, and Cream Checkered Tie
Brown, Navy, and Beige Cotton Summer Tie
Blue Summer Plaid Tie in Pure Cotton
Plaid Summer Tie in Golden Peach Color
Geometric Plaid Tie in Bright Mint Color
Spearmint Hued Summer Tie
Mandarin Orange Striped Tie
Blush Pink Tie with Elegant Stripes
Opal Green Colored Necktie
Peach Fuzz Colored Men's Tie
Bold Striped Tie in Punch Red
Turquoise and Teal Striped Tie
Mermaid Blue Summer Paisley Tie
Elegant Paisley Tie in Peacock Teal
Monochromatic Paisley Tie in Jet Black
Lemon Yellow Paisley Tie
Glacier Blue Necktie with Paisley Print
Soft Blush Pink Paisley Tie
Bright Paisley Tie in Frosted Citrus
Lime Color Necktie with Paisley Print
Midori Green Paisley Tie
Tangelo Orange Paisley Tie
Rose Pink Tie with Trendy Plaid Design
Trendy Plaid Tie in Sap Green
Pastel Green Plaid Necktie
Summer Necktie in Radiant Blue
Trendy Check Tie in Patriot Blue
Plaid Necktie in Cordovan Red
Plaid Necktie in Sweet Grape Color
Smokey Charcoal Plaid Tie
Plaid Tie in Dragonfly Blue
Bright Pink Necktie with Trendy Check Pattern
Banana Yellow Plaid Tie
Plaid Necktie in Pastel Orange
Plaid Tie in Coral Sands Color
Dotted Tie in Peach Coral
Wool Paisley Tie in Wine Red
Royal Blue Wool Tie with Red Paisley Print
Red Wool Tie with Blue Paisley Print
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