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Silk-ties overview of all ties in our Online-Shop

Burgundy Emblem Patterned Ascot
Graphic Ascot in Periwinkle
Emblem Patterned Ascot in Navy Blue
Emerald Green Silk Pocket Square
Emblem Patterned Ascot in Hazelnut
Graphic Silk Scarf in Greens and Lilacs
Art Deco Pocket Square in Sorbet Yellows
Designer Pocket Square in Soft Yellows and Blues
Modern Patterned Indigo Pocket Square
Candy Pink Bow Tie
Patterned Pocket Square in Spring Greens
Rich Lilac Colored Bow Tie
Paisley Pocket Square in Red
Designer Emblem Patterned Ascot in Navy
Emerald Green Bow Tie
Solid Holly Green Bow Tie
Silk Pocket Square in Muted Red
Geometric Patterned Scarf in Graphite Grey
Light Clover Colored Bow Tie
Royal Blue Floral Silk Scarf
Graphic Periwinkle and Pink Patterned Scarf
Elegant Bowtie in Chamomile
Silk Lime Green Pocket Square
Mens Silk Scarf in Olive Green
Patterned Steel Blue Silk Scarf
Men's Plaid Style Necktie in Green
Geometric Floral Scarf in Navy Blue
Dark Coral and Light Blue Pocket Square
Charming Pink and Blue Mens Scarf
Traditional Gemstone Scarf in Burgundy Reds
Modern Spiraled Pocket Square in Platinum
Geometric Scarf in Coppers and Blues
Paisley Patterned Pocket Square in Vintage Green
Ornate Diamond Scarf in Dark Blue
Classic Purple Bow Tie
Peacock Blue Bow Tie
Solid Peacock Blue Pocket Square
Truffle Brown Bow Tie
Pre Tied Bow Tie in Carbon Grey
Deep Burgundy Pre Tied Bow Tie
Square Shape Check Pattern Cufflinks in Gold
Silver Cufflinks with Faux Diamonds
Crimson Red Floral Pocket Square
Classic Burnt Orange Pocket Square
Solid Hued Bow Tie in Mediterranean Blue
Classic Dark Blue Pocket Square
Solid Tea-Green Pocket Square
Geometric Floral Patterned Bow Tie
Modern Paisley Design in Golds and Silvers
Floral Patterned Scarf in Classic Blue
Retro Patterned Bow Tie in Autumn Red
Paisley Patterned Bow Tie in Crimson Red
Paisley Patterned Bow Tie in Blues and Browns
Muted Bronze Bowtie
Graphite Grey Bow Tie with Ruby Accents
Ornate Paisley Bow Tie in Midnight Blue
Daffodil Yellow Pretied Bowtie
Retro Floral Bowtie in Nautical Blue
Geometric Bow Tie in Copper
Pretied Paisley Bowtie in Navy and Olives
Auburn Hued Bow Tie
Mens Patterned Bow Tie in British Green
Ornate Paisley in Reds and Blues
Silk Bow Tie in Teal
Textured Tie in Light Blue
Charcoal and Golden-Yellow Striped Tie
Summer Striped Tie in Bluebird Color
Contemporary Patterned Bow Tie in Blues and Oranges
Retro Floral Tie in Victoria Blue
Striped Bow Tie in Merlots and Navys
Navy Blue and Bronze Pre-Tied Bow Tie
Pre-tied Bowtie in Tangerine Orange
Pink Grenadine Textured Kids Tie
Fresh Grass Green and White Striped Kids Necktie
Regimental Yellow and Blue Tie for Kids
Grass Green and White Striped Extra Long Tie
Regimental Yellow and Blue XL Length Tie
Retro Floral Pocket Square in Nautical Blue
Navy Necktie with Geometric Swirl
Kids Light Brown Necktie
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