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Looking for a particular tie design? Then below are all our ties sorted into four popular patterns. Looking for elegant and formal? Then we may have the right tie in our Solid Colored Ties collection; want something a bit more daring and fun? Then we suggest you browse our Paisley Ties. In addition to these four tie patterns, we also carry a large assortment of Striped Ties.

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Dresscode for the patterned silk tie

Ties with patterns had their first bloom in the thirties. Although they are somewhat disputed by the style gurus, they can no longer be excluded as the patterned silk tie has become quite popular. In general the size and the type of pattern has to match the clothes and the occasion. Some might consider a patterned silk tie with tiny elephants or flowers as too fashionable for conservative business attire. Typically the smaller the motif the more elegant and more suited for business the patterned silk tie will be. If this is still to playful for you, consider a classic paisley tie or tie with small geometric shapes.

Besides woven patterns, often called Jacquards, the designs can also be screen-printed onto silk. The result is usually a much smoother patterned silk tie making it slightly easier to tie. The smoother appearance of the screen-printed patterned silk tie goes particularly well with gabardine fabrics. Less ideal for the business occasion are ties with inconsistent fantasy designs or flowers unless they are very small and in a less flashy color design.

For the dark business suit we recommend designs that are not identifiable from the distance and almost disappear into the background color. Only when you move closer will you realize that the tie, which seemed burgundy red from the distance, actually consisted of a blue background with red diamonds.