Mens Fashion with letter Z

A list of terminology and jargon related to fashion, textiles, dress code, and more - all starting with letter "Z". Are you interested to make a contribution with an article? Then contact us, and tell us what you would like to write about. Over time and with your help we will soon create a complete Encyclopedia on Mens Fashion.

Zegna Ermenegildo 

Ermenegildo Zegna is a high-end Italian fashion designer founded in 1910. To learn more about the history, trademarks and other trivia of this fine men's clothing designer please click the link on the left.


The zipper is a convenient closing mechanism that dates back to the end of the 19th century. To read the entire story on the zipper and how it got its name, please click the link.

Zoot Suit 

The suit suit originated in the Harlem area of new york during the 1930s Jazz movement. To read the entire story of the zoot suit, please click this link.


Zylon is a synthetic fiber that is rarely used in the textile and clothing industry. To read more on Zylon, please click this link.
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