Mens Fashion with letter W

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White Tie 

White Tie is the most formal type of dress code. Traditionally it consist of a tailcoat tuxedo jacket, vest, and a white bow tie. To read more on White Tie attire please click the link.


A waistcoat is a type of vest that is traditionally worn as part of a 3-piece suit or with a formal dinner jacket. To read more on the waistcoat please click this link.

Wellington Boots 

The Wellington boot is the name for the classic rain boot. To read the entire story on Wellington boots please click the link.

Wingtip Collar 

The wingtip is a collar style common on formal dress shirts worn at black and white tie functions. For more information including pictures please click this link.

Windsor Knot 

Learn the story behind the Windsor tie knot. What is the difference between a Windsor, half Windsor, and double Windsor knot.


Warp is the vertical thread that is attached to the weaving loom. For a full explanation on the warp thread please click here:


Weft is the yarn that is spun across the warp during weaving. For more information on the weft yarn, please click here:

Waxed Cotton 

Waxed cotton is a waxed treated cotton fabric that withstands wind and water. It was once popular amoung sailors and particular Shottish outdoor clothing. For more info please click here:
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